The other day I was sitting with family members for lunch discussing various topics including Bitcoin. Obviously, I had a lot to say but Im always conscious to practice some sort of restraint on the topic. Im very passionate about Bitcoin and its potential implications as a money technology so…

Its very straighforward to encrypt/ decrypt files using Python. In this post, I will show a few scripts to accomplish this.

Generate a RSA private/ public key pair

We generate the pair using 4096 bits private key length:

Private Key:-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----MIIJKgIBAAKCAgEAqaH+h0vMyIeRN0LwJKt5Dhu+1HNxWMEcGqEl+pFJrCZpMpaqp62b16ias3TupUHL/Jd/V594TyPDytY8kLP+asw0wr3RwnOdKjzHqdBQz96sAgKFuss6HZW9KEjLcyFTWOgDqvapw163BRfGUj3tpoumGXYkmV3gQ0NaPVR/CLTfPuY2WzMX0hSwu18lt2R2/ogzLcxUlwiSsFfQJZoRUUi0rztivrvpxKXpeQNNtOtRlZzD…

Sometimes, you need to spin up an HTTP server with minimal effort. Here is a simple method using SimpleHTTPServer:

This has one GET method that returns a “Hello World” html page: - - [21/Dec/2017 19:38:26] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 -

It also has a POST method to allow posting some data which returns a “Success!” html page:

The bitcoin blockchain is essentially a data structure with an ordered back-linked list of blocks containing bitcoin transactions. At the moment, the average number of transactions per block is around 2000. Check it out here.

Each block within the blockchain is identified by a SHA256 cryptographic hash algorithm on the…

Here is a script you can use to grab screenshots of your target machine. It makes use of PyWin32 package to make native calls to the Windows API. This would capture the entire screen. Remember to specify the file path in your script (For example: “C:\\Users\\john\\Desktop\\screenshot.bmp”):

I loved going through this exercise. We will create a simple python trojan which uses github for command and control. With GitHub, we can create our own python code modules that our trojan can import and execute..yes!! Python can import its modules using GitHub! Our trojan will seek out its…

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I live and breathe technology. Curious about programming, bitcoin and cybersecurity.

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